NSW Farmers has developed a five pillar plan, FOCUS, which identifies the key areas where decision makers can influence the growth of our industry.  Lifting profitability and improving sustainability, along with investing in stronger biosecurity and regional communities, is essential to making Australian agriculture this nation’s next $100 billion industry.

The five pillars can be summarised as (click on the icon to view full details):

Foundations for a profitable future 

Opportunity through innovation

Costs down, incomes up

Unlocking regional capacity

Stewardship of the land and our environment

To reach our aspiration of being the nation’s next $100 billion industry, we seek investment in the elements, outcomes and enablers which can ensure New South Wales lifts the value of its agricultural production.  How we can achieve this is explained in the attached document.

Agriculture is an important industry for New South Wales, employing more than 77,000 people and contributing more than $15 billion to the state’s economy.  Through a partnership with government, we seek investments in the sector which will grow the value of production and ensure New South Wales can lead the nation in the value of the production of our food and fibre.

You can download a summary of the five pillars here, or a full copy of FOCUS here, or read on to the following pages to learn more about NSW Farmers’ agricultural agenda.