Action on Energy

Energy is a dominant input cost for most farmers and a key business risk.  Prices are increasing across all sources or energy with electricity users hit hardest.  In recognition of this, since 2012, NSW Farmers has been driving an influential farm energy productivity campaign across the areas of efficiency, renewable energy, electricity distribution solutions, and related policy reforms.  To support delivery of research and practical extension resources significant external funding has obtained from the State and Federal governments. Programs and activities to date are outlined below, with links to detail information and resources.  New projects are in the pipe line for 2018. 

Solar pumping check list

Solar diesel hybrid pumping systems use solar energy when the sun is shining and then switch to diesel at other times. Significant energy savings can be achieved with this solution. Use this Checklist as a reference to ensure you’ve done the basic ground work, checked warranties, asked the right questions and can compare quotes from solar pumping businesses on a like for like basis.
Batteries plus solar – maximising the value of your panels 

Batteries linked with solar power are big news: we have developed a calculator for the farm sector.  Click here to see if batteries plus solar are good option for your property. 

The Farm Energy Innovation Program

The NSW Farmers "farm energy innovation"  program was funded by the Federal Department of Industry and produced practical tools and advice to help farmers across all sectors analyse their energy use and identify solutions. In addition to innovation case studies on 20 representative farms, the program delivered seminars on energy efficiency and training for local energy professionals in farm energy auditing.  

Program focus areas

 - Vehicles and liquid fuel use
- Irrigation and pumping
- Refrigeration and cool storage
- On-site generation and renewable energy
- Intensive farming facility management 
- Energy innovation action plans 
- Effective purchasing of energy
- Power quality
- Reliability of supply, as well as voltage and phase variance
- Supply chain efficiency 

For more information about the program and to access the  extension resources it created see Farm energy Information program (EEIG) .

Water & Energy Nexus initiative

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage funded NSW Farmers to conduct a study into the connection between energy costs and usage, and water-efficient irrigation practices.

The project involved desk top research coupled with a series of focused interviews with industry stakeholders (irrigators, engineers, policy makers).
The aims of the study were to:

  • Clarify anecdotal evidence that high energy costs, particularly for electricity, were a barrier to adoption and usage of water efficient, pressurized irrigation systems.
  • Seek advice from industry opinion leaders as the kind of program that would assist the irrigation sector in addressing the challenges.
  • Develop recommendations for Government.

Following publication of the project report, NSW Farmers has collaborated with National Irrigators Council and its members bodies to seek funding for a national program as recommended by the study.

For more information see Water & Energy Nexus Initiative

Solar powered pumping initiative

NSW Farmers and Australian Dairy Farmers joined forces to deliver a program focused on practical ways to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency in dairy.  The program built on the information resources generated as part of Dairy Australia’s previous EEIG program and on work developed through NSW Farmers own energy innovation program.

For more information see Reducing Energy Costs in Dairy,

Alliance to Save Energy

NSWFarmers is a member of the national Alliance to Save Energy and Chairs its Ag Sector working group. The Alliance is collaboration of peak energy stakeholders and includes representatives of all sectors of Australian industry.  

Presentation by NSW Farmers at the 2014 Alliance Conference.

The Future of Electricity in Regional NSW

The NSW Farmers paper, the Future of Electricity in Regional NSW identifies the challenges and potential solutions for affordable and reliable electricity for our regional and rural communities. The NSW Farmers Association is taking the lead on providing practical solutions to ensure that in the near future the provision of electricity becomes an enabler for the growth of farming and regional communities, not the significant impost that it currently is.