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NSW Farmers is a strong and united voice for farmers on issues that affect their business, farms and families. We are committed to growing the best and doing our best to assist our members’ businesses and their farming families through advocacy and our extensive range of services. 

Our members are kept up to date with policies and decisions that affect their farm via email, post and through social media. 

NSW Farmers’ members have access to a range of commercial benefits, big savings and exclusive offers across a range of products and services that farmers use every day.

Help us make a profitable and sustainable farming sector by joining NSW Farmers. The more of us there are, the louder our voices become.



is for those who have a proprietorial interest in a farm enterprise, are in a farm partnership or a corporate entity with a proprietorial interest in a farming enterprise, or a person employed in the management of a farm enterprise nominated by that enterprise as their representative.
A Full Producer member can nominate 1 Second Vote member and up to 50 Additional members. (1 Voting Entitlement)

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is linked to a Full Producer membership and is for those who have a proprietorial or income interest in the main membership, or if you are employed exclusively by the proprietary member as a manager of a property. If you are a partner of the farming enterprise or the farm manager, Additional membership is for you. (1 Voting Entitlement)

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is linked to a Full Producer membership and is for those who have a proprietorial interest in the farm enterprise and hold the Full Producer membership. Most of our Second Vote members are either the husband, wife or child of the main member. (1 Voting Entitlement)

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is for those who have a small holding and who do not receive the majority of their income from their farm enterprise. (No Voting Entitlement)

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is for people based in cities or larger centres who want to support farmers and what they do. Country Connection members receive The Farmers magazine monthly and exclusive invites to networking events. (No Voting Entitlement)

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is for those who have a general interest in the pastoral and agricultural industries but do not own a farm enterprise. Associate members include people who work in agricultural industries such as agronomists, students, teachers or people who own businesses in rural communities and to support NSW Farmers. (No Voting Entitlement)

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