Changes at NSW Farmers’ Association

CEO of NSW Farmers, Matt Brand, has today announced he is resigning from his role and will leave the Association later in the year.

Mr Brand, who joined NSW Farmers in 2011, said after seven and a half great years as CEO, it was now time to explore new opportunities.  

“It’s been a great journey. Restructuring, repositioning and realigning the Association has been a focus for the past few years. I’m very proud of the team here at NSW Farmers, the organisation we have enhanced and the members we represent. It’s been a great opportunity and a pleasure to advocate on behalf of the farmers of NSW/ACT.”

The NSW Farmers’ Board has asked Mr Brand to remain in his position until the end of August to help with the recruitment process for the next CEO.

“I look forward to working with the Board to help find a successor to this challenging but rewarding role,” Mr Brand said.

Meanwhile, after three years as president of the NSW Farmers’ Association, Derek Schoen, has announced he will not be recontesting the election for president at this year’s Annual Conference in July.  

Mr Schoen said constitutional reasons were behind his decision not to recontest.

“The constitution is explicit in a four year term maximum for the president, if I were to recontest the position of president I would have to stand down after 12 months and the vice president would automatically take over the position,” Mr Schoen said.

In 2015, amendments were made to the constitution to change the term of office bearers from one year to two year terms.

“12 months ago I came to the decision that the president should be elected into the position wherever possible.

“The last three years have been most enjoyable and enormously rewarding, and I thank the membership for entrusting me with the presidency.

“I am proud to have overseen the transition of the Association’s 2015 and 2017 constitutional changes and to have helped unify and modernise the country’s largest state farming organisation,” Mr Schoen concluded.

Date: Thursday 14 June 2018
Media Contact:   Kathleen Curry  |  Public Affairs Director | 0429 011 690