Additional support for drought management echoes NSW Farmers’ campaign

NSW Farmers is extremely pleased additional support is on its way for farmers facing significant challenges with worsening drought conditions.
NSW Farmers’ President, Derek Schoen, said the Association would like to thank the NSW government for committing to NSW Farmers’ calls to increase financial and mental health support, funding for three new Doppler radars and measures to improve kangaroo management.
“The additional funding to extend the Farm Innovation Fund to provide increased loans with significantly extended interest free terms will be beneficial to farmers as they potentially face an extended period of low or no regular income. This measure, along with the other commitments announced today, reflects the advocacy efforts of the Association, and it’s good to see the government has been listening to farmers’ concerns.  
“Farmers place animal welfare at the forefront of their on-farm decisions. Extending the Fund’s criteria to enable genetic collection will be significant to ensure that years of careful animal husbandry is not lost.
“We know that farmers make hard decisions every day. During periods of extended drought, effective health, welfare, and social support is just as critical as financial measures. On the ground mental health services that help individuals and communities remain strong and healthy are welcome.
“NSW Farmers has been fighting hard for improved weather information and we have been advocating to secure three Doppler radars for some time. We congratulate the Government on its commitment to the radars for the Central and Far West. 
NSW Farmers is also pleased by the NSW government’s new kangaroo management plans.
“The kangaroo plague that has been building for a number of years has exacerbated drought conditions in many areas of NSW.  
“The removal of tag requirements, along with allowing secondary use of kangaroo carcasses, will not only be a huge relief for farmers it makes complete sense environmentally.  
“We welcome the expansion of commercial harvest zones in the South East, and connecting more farmers with professional shooters. We are optimistic that this coupled with the lifting of the cap on commercial licences in March will mean we can make a meaningful attempt at reaching the NSW quota on sustainable management of kangaroos,” Mr Schoen concluded. 

Date: Wednesday 13 June 2018
Media Contact:   Kathleen Curry  |  Public Affairs Director | 0429 011 690 |