Murray Darling disallowance motion a disaster for the Basin 

Statement by Mitchell Clapham, NSW Farmers’ Conservation and Resource Management Committee Chair 
“NSW Farmers’ Association is disappointed by the passing of a disallowance motion in the Australian Senate which will undoubtedly unravel significant long term steps in Murray Darling Basin management.   
The move undoes years of hard work and compromise by Basin communities and sees NSW lose out significantly.
Our members are grappling with a process of constant change, in the throes of developing new water resource plans for Basin Plan compliance, by 2019. 

Today’s motion halts all of our progress, and begins a new era of Basin management- and not in a good way.   

Short sighted politics has got in the way and lamentably trumped a positive outcome and step forward.

Those responsible should be roundly condemned. This does nothing to help the environment and leaves an uncertain state of limbo for all concerned. 
 We commend both the Victorian and the NSW Ministers for Regional Water, the Hon Lisa Neville , and the Hon Niall Blair, who have stood up for their States and regional communities.”

Media Contact:   Kathleen Curry  |  Public Affairs Director | 0429 011 690
Date: Wednesday 14 February 2018