Making farmer’s super a prime focus

Published: March 2019 | Sponsored content for: Prime Super

Meet the managers in rural NSW who make planning for retirement surprisingly straight forward. 

Prime Super is helping farmers plan for retirement. Source: Getty Images.

Scott Boyle- Wagga Wagga, NSW 

Scott Boyle, who has a strong rural background helps those around Wagga Wagga. Source: Prime Super.

MY RURAL BACKGROUND: I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia then went on to study agriculture and business at university. My first job was testing all types of farming equipment, from utes and motorbikes to chainsaws and spraying equipment.

WHY I LOVE MY JOB: I like being able to give farmers information and advice, and to hopefully help them become financially independent when they retire. I also love that I can live in a large rural community here in Wagga Wagga. 

“Throughout my working life I’ve always enjoyed helping people.”

MY RETIREMENT PLAN: I look forward to being debt-free and owning my own home. I’d like to help my children through university and to support them to do some of the things they want to do with their lives.

02 6931 5120 or 0488 989 444

Annette Mackay- Tamworth, NSW

Annette Mackay loves horses and serves farmers in the Tamworth region. Source: Prime Super.

MY RURAL BACKGROUND: I was born in Bathurst but grew up on the outskirts of Brisbane. I was mad about horses from the time I could walk. My first job was working on a thoroughbred stud where I did track work every morning before school.

WHY I LOVE MY JOB: From doing a presentation in a feedlot or a shearing shed to attending branch meetings and conference dinners, I love that no two days are ever the same. It all happens in different towns across Northern NSW and usually involves a couple of changes of clothes. 

“No two days are ever the same. It all happens in different towns.”

MY RETIREMENT PLAN: Most of my days are spent on the road so my retirement plans will all be close to home. I’d like to grow fresh fruit and vegies, experiment with hydroponics and aquaponics, and restore an antique rocking horse back to its former glory.

0488 588 161

Geoff Higgins- Dubbo, NSW

Geoff Higgins is very familiar with rural life in Western NSW. Source: Prime Super.

MY RURAL BACKGROUND: My family had a farm in Bathurst, so I was ploughing and driving tractors from the age of 12. I also learned much from milking cows, shearing and drenching sheep, and breeding pigs. I worked in banking across NSW for more than 30 years.

WHY I LOVE MY JOB: I get to talk with agricultural and business people, both self-employed and at executive level. It’s good to help them understand some of the complex superannuation rules.

“It’s good to guide people towards making the best decision.”

MY RETIREMENT PLAN: My wife Debbie and I have done a couple of long caravan trips in the past and loved it. My plan is to join the grey nomads at some stage and travel around parts of Australia I’ve never seen before.

02 6882 6774 or 0488 072 222

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