Young farmers getting down to business

Aspiring farmers across NSW are getting a leg-up from experts in the Young Farmer Business Program.


Livestock to hay production: Tamworth farmer diversifies during drought

Tamworth mixed farmer Bryce McMurtrie trades beef for hay making to help boost farm gate profits.


Protecting NSW’s farm volunteers

Australians’ are stepping up to support NSW’s drought-stricken farmers with donations and practical help but there can be hazards for volunteers from non-rural backgrounds.


Dairy farm thrives after deregulation

Narooma dairy farmers look to innovation to remain sustainable after industry deregulation. They're now reaping the rewards.


Fruit growers should focus on quality

Fruit growers are selling produce too early and sacrificing quality assurance. That’s a losing battle, says orchardist, Guy Gaeta of Orange.


Tough lessons learnt: building resilience to drought

Yeoval farming family experience their first drought and are surviving thanks to active planning measures.


Top trends in farm machinery investment

As drought persists farmers are investing wisely in their next farm staple – the tractor. Find out what made the list at AgQuip this year.


Industrious beekeepers nurture thriving family business

The beekeeping and honey production industry offers farmers a surprisingly diverse number of ways to make money. But behind the profits is a lot of hard work and uniquely Australian challenges.


View to the future: Byron Bay dairy diversifies into farm tourism

Diversification is the big buzzword, but are setting up new on-farm ventures – such as providing accommodation for tourists – worth all the effort and running costs?


Clever silo storage helps grain farmer harvest top dollar

A modern, more efficient approach to the Australian grain supply chain, combined with safe and effective on-farm storage, may help farmers get a greater financial return per hectare for their crops.