Reaping the rewards of biodynamic farming

Bob Hawke Landcare Award winner Charlie Arnott sees his stock as tools to manage his pasture, and despite the drought, his paddocks are thriving.


Port Macquarie winemaking family finds export markets fruitful

Cassegrain Wines' decision to forgo chain supermarkets has led to a stronger cellar door and direct sales and has boosted its exports to 40% of production.


Virtual fences to improve labour efficiency for farmers

Fencing has long been a time-consuming task for farmers, but a research project headed by the CSIRO using solar-powered cattle collars and virtual barriers offers a solution.


What makes a truly innovative farmer?

The Andreazza family invested in creative solutions for their farm and now they are reaping the rewards with premium rice and wheat crops.


Oyster growers thrive despite environmental crisis

North Coast oyster farmers have integrated clever practices to remain sustainable since the introduction of Pacific oysters.


Hydrogen-fuelled tractors: a clean energy option for farmers

A CSIRO breakthrough has been made in the search for alternative fuels. With unmatched efficiency, hydrogen may become the future of farming.


Christmas tree farmer boosts business with space-age machine

Coramba Christmas tree farmer, Wayne Duver cuts production time by 50% with innovative gadget that's gaining customers this festive season.


Australia's oldest family-run turkey farm prepares for Christmas

Tamworth farmers Col and Vicki Quast have been running Quast Turkeys – the family business for 68 years thanks to innovation and sustainable practices.


Young farmers getting down to business

Aspiring farmers across NSW are getting a leg-up from experts in the Young Farmer Business Program.


Livestock to hay production: Tamworth farmer diversifies during drought

Tamworth mixed farmer Bryce McMurtrie trades beef for hay making to help boost farm gate profits.