Why solar stacks up for farmers

Making the switch to a solar-diesel hybrid pumping system has slashed this Central West NSW farmer’s fuel bills – and cut greenhouse emissions to boot.


The drought hay crisis

The drought has wiped out hay reserves and hay prices have skyrocketed, leading some to argue hay exports should be redirected to drought-stricken farmers.


Donated hay survey: where drought-affected farmers found relief

NSW Farmers members accessed donated hay from across the nation. Find out about their experiences and where it all came from.


26-year-old silage offers drought relief for Tamworth farmer

Hay silage buried 26 years ago is helping a North West NSW cattle farmer sustain his livestock through drought.


Danger in the drought - bushfire risks put farmers on the frontline

With drought comes potentially catastrophic bushfire conditions. Farmers are on the frontline - should the Rural Fire Service act earlier?


Native vegetation: taming African lovegrass

How satellite mapping led to a native vegetation showdown in the Monaro region in NSW’s South East.


Tough lessons learnt: building resilience to drought

Yeoval farming family experience their first drought and are surviving thanks to active planning measures.


Drought stories of success, not charity

Support for farmers battling drought is heart-warming – but Monaro sheep and cattle producer Richard Taylor warns it’s vital to keep the message positive.


Industrious beekeepers nurture thriving family business

The beekeeping and honey production industry offers farmers a surprisingly diverse number of ways to make money. But behind the profits is a lot of hard work and uniquely Australian challenges.


Native vegetation laws - the good, the bad and the farmers making it work

The native vegetation biodiversity reforms are just a year old – but are still among the most divisive topics in agriculture. 
The Farmer searches for common ground.