Rural Affairs


The truth about the Murray-Darling

Water levels are at record lows creating unrest with farmers and allocations. So who's getting all the water?


Murray-Darling Basin water report confirms little improvement

Despite welcome rainfall the DPI is anticipating excessive transmission losses over the summer.


NSW Inland Rail route remains a hot debate

Inland Rail project linking Melbourne and Brisbane creates controversy, with conflicting opinions and farmers' properties on the line.


Vets keep antivenom so why not hospitals?

Two dozen Australians have died from snakebites over the past decade, but some rural hospitals cannot deliver life-saving treatment with antivenom.


Lifting the load for Northern NSW farmers

Regional Services Manager Michael Collins is helping raise the agenda for local issues like inland rail, quad bike safety and the Great Artesian Basin.


Sun safety critical for farmers despite medical breakthrough

Farmers are 60% more likely to die from melanomas than fellow Australians. The development of an immune stimulating chemical will help strengthen survival rate.


Hot headers: how to reduce fire risk

Fires in harvesters are far too common but researchers say they are completely preventable.


Striving to give farmers a stronger voice

"I want to give farmers a voice" says Alicia Harrison, NSW Farmers’ membership service manager who lives and breathes agriculture.


Young farmers getting down to business

Aspiring farmers across NSW are getting a leg-up from experts in the Young Farmer Business Program.


Why solar stacks up for farmers

Making the switch to a solar-diesel hybrid pumping system has slashed this Central West NSW farmer’s fuel bills – and cut greenhouse emissions to boot.