Rural Affairs


Oyster theft no small issue for farmers

When oysters are stolen it’s not just farmers’ incomes that suffer. Thieves can potentially damage the entire industry, says South East NSW farmer Caroline Henry.


Support during drought when the going gets tough

With 100% of NSW declared in drought in August, it’s comforting to note that support services are here in droves. Whether it’s a neighbour or a health professional, there is hope for overcoming depression.


“If you don’t think drought is part of farming, you’re in the wrong game.”

Despite seeing his winter forage crops fail for the first time, Central West cattle farmer Angus Atkinson says the story isn’t all bad.


A day in the life of a rural vet

Coonamble based vet Dr Jillian Kelly spends much of her time helping farmers keep their livestock alive through the drought.


Cutting red tape to find rural labour

Thousands of migrants are keen to work on our farms. The problem is that all the red tape makes it hard for agriculture to employ them. Here four farmers share their frustrations and solutions.


The big Inland Rail questions answered

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack answers NSW Farmers’ questions on the Inland Rail.


Crop to courtroom: Farmers fight shattercane

Sorghum farmers in NSW and Queensland are suing for 
damages after purchasing bags of seeds allegedly contaminated 
with the noxious weed shattercane.


Grassroots approach to farm insurance

SPONSORED: Mackenna Powell has invested years into helping farmers safeguard their livelihood. “It’s the best thing I ever did,” she says.


We all want an inland rail network. But does it need to cut through 300 farms?

It’s a once-in-a-generation project that will revitalise rural Australia – so why are landowners so upset? The Farmer investigates why the existing rail corridor is being bypassed.


We’d love to farm – so give us a break

Purchasing a first home is hard enough for most Australians, but for prospective young farmers, it’s virtually impossible. It’s time to give the new generation some tax relief.