Swine fever prompts farmers to lift biosecurity controls

With African swine fever spreading to pigs in China, farmers are employing stringent biosecurity measures to keep their farms safe.


Is a national horse traceability register a viable option?

With over 900,000 horses in Australia, a national register would improve biosecurity and rider safety. But is it a cost-effective solution?


The day the city woke up to the drought

Farmers have been living it for years, but in mid-2018 the reality of the weather crisis finally hit the headlines. But could this media coverage hurt market prospects?


Could Wagga Wagga become the next Silicon Valley?

The country town may not be as glamorous as California but it's becoming an agri-tech hub for young minds, with venture capitalists keen to invest.


Milk wars: farmers take on dairy alternatives

Farmers believe almond and soy “milk” is unfairly trading on the nutritional benefits of cows' milk to the detriment of consumers and farmers alike.


The blueberry farmers growing for a smoother supply chain

Mountain Blue Farms, one of Australia's biggest blueberry producers, is using innovative measures to grow their export market with the help of the CRC.


Port of Newcastle set to be export hub for farmers

NSW Farmers is lobbying for a container terminal in Newcastle to slash farmers' transport costs and open up the global export market.


Farmers set to benefit as new meat quality labels beef up

The MLA is pushing for an alternative labelling code for beef, and cattle farmers will be able to charge a premium – opening up export markets


The thriving egg business that isn't too chicken to change

Molong egg farmer Rob Peffer has turned to free range eggs to keep his business growing in a challenging industry.


Proposed unified freight rail network would slash farmers' costs

NSW Farmers is lobbying for the entire NSW rail network to be upgraded to the same TAL, which would save farmers in excess of $10 per tonne to transport grains to port.