How to Apply

The NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program is offering rebates that will give eligible farmers and their workers up to two rebates worth $1000 each to implement harm prevention measures in the workplace. This program is funded by SafeWork NSW.

Below is a list of the three eligible safety solutions on offer as part of this rebate package:

  • Up to $1,000 towards the purchase of each side-by-side vehicle.
  • Up to $500 towards the purchase of each Quadbar ™ Operator Protective Device (OPD) or ATV Lifeguard OPD.
  • Up to $90 towards the cost of each helmet compliant with NZS 8600:2002, AS/NZS 1698:2006 and/or UNECE22.05.

An eligible business can access two rebates worth up to $1,000 each for any combination of the abovementioned eligible safety solutions.
Workers employed by eligible businesses can access a rebate for a maximum of 1 helmet each.

From 8 May 2017, free training places are also available to complete Unit of Competency (UOC) AHCMOM212 - Operate Quad Bikes. The one day quad bike safety course is tailored to the farming community and counts as an eligible educative interaction. Eligible participants also receive a free compliant helmet. Visit and search ‘quad bikes’ for a list of authorised Registered Training Organisations. 

How do I access the rebates?

Step 1: Confirm eligibility. Click here  to check your eligibility. 

Step 2:
Pre-register interest in rebates (optional)
Applicants who pre-register will have 60 days to submit their final application from pre-registration date. Pre-registering will guarantee that applicants will receive the rebate funds (once eligibility is confirmed) and avoid the potential of rebate funds running out prior to your application being processed.

Step 3:
Attend eligible educative interaction sponsored by SafeWork NSW.

Step 4:
Purchase eligible items and obtain paid tax invoice

Step 5:
Complete application form. Click here to access the application forms.

Step 6:
Submit application to NSW Farmers Association within 4 months of attending an eligible educative interaction.