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NSW Young Farmer Forum

Monday 19 March | 3pm | Oxford Hotel - Bathurst
NSW Young Farmers brings together the youth of agriculture from across the state for the peak event of the NSW Young Farmers calendar, NSW Young Farmer Forum 2018.

This not-to-be-missed event brings together presentations and workshops on the issues affecting young people in agriculture.

Hear from industry experts on biosecurity, telecommunications and succession planning in the afternoon session.

The evening session hosts a Bank Ready Workshop presented by the Young Farmer Business Program, giving attendees the knowledge and skills to improve their social and business resilience, manage risks, execute effective plans and make decisions that ensure viability of their agricultural business.

Your attendance at the NSW Young Farmer Forum gives you the opportunity to air your opinions and share your experience on the needs of young farmers and new entrants to farming. Meet members of the NSW Young Farmers Council and the leaders in agriculture.

Hear from NSW Farmers President, Derek Schoen and NSW Young Farmer Chair, Tim Carroll

Come to both the afternoon sessions and the evening session or choose the session that appeals directly to your interests.  A light dinner will be served between the afternoon and evening sessions.

Get involved, bring your friends, make new friends and shape the future of agriculture and rural communities while you’re at it.

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