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Delegate Registration

Registration Forms

Using our online registration form allows you to register up to 10 delegates at one time, click on the link below, fill in all the relevant details and then click on the submit button of the bottom of the page.

  • Click here to fill in our online delegate registration form. 
  • Click here to download a printable version of the delegate registration form.
Financial Status

Delegates and Executive Councillors are reminded that only Full Financial Members of the Association are entitled to attend and vote at Annual Conference. Please bring your Membership Card with you. Only one person is entitled to vote per Membership number. Annual Conference Delegates must be either:

(a) A Full Financial Member of the Association;

(b) An Additional Member of the Association; or

(c) A Second Vote Member of the Association.

Inability to Attend

Delegates who are unable to attend Annual Conference should immediately advise their Branch Secretary and the Annual Conference Event Manager at Head Office.

Accreditation Procedures

Your Delegate name tag is also your authorisation to vote.

Alternate Delegates

The Conference Manager should be advised if an Alternate Delegate will be attending Conference as a Full Delegate. All Annual Conference documents must be passed to the replacement Delegate. The name of the Alternate Delegate and the days they will attend Conference should also be advised at point of registration.

Annual Conference – Votes Recorded Personally

The Constitution provides at Article 23.6: ‘Votes at Annual Conference will only be recorded for Members qualified to vote in accordance with and personally present at Annual Conference, except that Branch delegates have the full voting power of their respective Branch for the election of office bearers of the Association.'

When the total number of Branch accredited Delegates attending the Conference is less than the Branch entitlement, the accredited Delegates present should collect from the Accreditation Table an application for the remaining voting entitlements for their Branch. This can be done at any time, preferably before an election takes place.

When completed, this form should be presented to the Accreditation Table where remaining voting entitlements will be issued. These entitlements are to be returned to the Returning Officer if any Delegate leaves the conference. Failure to comply with this procedure may preclude any Alternate Delegate from accreditation or other Branch Delegates from obtaining extra voting entitlements for that Branch.

Delegate Entitlements
  1. Travel: Delegates from each District Council are reimbursed for travel expenses, based on a rate of $44.00 per 100 kilometre radius or part thereof from Sydney (set by Branch name).
  2. Accommodation and other expenses: An allowance of $75 per day per Delegate is paid towards accommodation and living expenses in Sydney during Conference.
  3. Claiming your allowance: A Delegate Allowance Claim Form, included in the Conference compendium, must be completed and returned to the Conference Information Desk when Delegates leave the Conference. Claim forms must be submitted to NSW Farmers’ Association by Friday, 2 September 2016.
  4. Payment methods: Allowance payments will be made by either direct credit or cheque. Delegates are encouraged to take advantage of the direct credit payment method.
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