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Young Farmers Council

Build your future in agriculture!

NSW Young Farmers is the youth branch of NSW Farmers, a volunteer organisation furthering the interests of farmers and rural communities in NSW for over 100 years.

All NSW Farmers members aged under 35 are eligible to participate in Young Farmer activities and to take advantage of the networks, training and other opportunities available. As a participation organisation, NSW Young Farmers is what you make of it – the more you are involved the more valuable your membership becomes. NSW Young Farmers advocates on behalf of all young people in agriculture and in rural communities.

NSW Young Farmers can help you meet other young farmers, find peers in your situation, learn how advocacy works, shape the future of agriculture, explore alternative ways of getting on the land, get involved in state, national and global conferences and much, much more.

You don’t even need to be a full-time farmer to join, we have membership options for everyone.

Get involved, make friends and shape the future of agriculture and rural communities while you’re at it! 

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Young Farmer Project Officer

Young farmers and young people seeking to enter the sector are faced with many potential barriers. The Young Farmer Working Group made up of NSW Farmers and the Department of Primary Industries, is an outcome of the Young Farmers Finance Roundtable held in December 2015 to focus the government and key stakeholders in the agriculture sector on issues specific to young people entering the sector. 

This Working Group is chaired by the Chair of NSW Young Farmers and supported by fellow NSW Young Farmer Members. 

Following the Roundtable, the NSW Government has committed to fund a dedicated Project Officer to assist young farmers overcome hurdles and plan for the future in the agriculture sector. This also includes the creation of an online hub to underpin the information sharing and professional development recommendations; providing a coordinated facility for better access to the right information and resources will help bring positive benefits to young people in agriculture. 

James Leigo has been appointed the Young Farmer Project Officer and is based at the Department of Primary Industrie's Office in Dubbo.   

For more information and for assistance, please contact:

James Leigo |  Young Farmer Project Officer
Department of Primary Industries
0419 110 714 | james.leigo@dpi.nsw.gov.au 



Young Farmer Wins

NSW Young Farmers are proactive individuals who have been at the frontline of policy making ensuring young farmers across the state are supported and heard.

Young Farmer Finance

Young farmers took the lead on a high profile young farmer finance roundtable to discuss new initiatives in accessing finance stemming from a Memorandum of Understanding between the NSW Government and the NSW Farmers Association signed in March 2015. It was agreed at the roundtable that further initiatives and efforts to support young people involved in farming enterprises will focus on three areas:

  1. Education and skill development;
  2. New business model approaches;
  3. Access to information and resources, including the concept of a hub and spoke extension model.

Key actions that address the three focus areas are to be progressed through a small working group involving NSW DPI and NSW Farmers. Young Farmer councillor Tim Carroll and Young Farmer members Claire Walker, Tom Roberts and Geoff Birchnell are commended for representing young farmers at the roundtable.

Healthy Agspirations

Healthy Agspirations is an exciting partnership between NSW Young Farmers and Future Health Leaders founded in 2015. The initiative promotes the importance of good overall health in rural communities incorporating activities that bring together shared concerns and shared passions of why we love working and living in rural Australia.

Together Healthy Agspirations aim to:

  1. Raise awareness by voicing our shared concerns about issues in our rural communities and advocate for solutions;
  2. Promote why we all love to work and live in the bush;
  3. Link up the next generation of rural health professionals and young farmers through exciting initiatives so we can continue to maintain dynamic and active rural communities;
  4. Work with young health professionals about better engagement with rural communities and work with young farmers to continue to develop health literacy and awareness to improve rural health outcomes;
  5. Raise funding and awareness for issues which we mutually believe in, such as mental health, suicide prevention, burden of preventable chronic disease, and enhance rural and remote service delivery;
  6. Partner with health based charities to make a tangible difference to health in NSW. 
Climate Change

The Young Farmer Council moved and passed a motion at the 2015 Annual Conference to overhaul the Association's pre-existing policy in relation to climate change. Young Farmers encourage governments to support the transition from fossil fuels towards more renewable energy resources in rural, regional and remote areas where their operation can be shown to be a net benefit to farming communities.


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