NSW Farmers engages with cotton industry on spray drift

NSW Farmers’ Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Committee Chair, Reg Kidd, met with representatives from Cotton Australia 17 January to discuss joint options to assist farmers and spray contractors to manage the risks of spray drift.

This meeting was followed up with a workshop convened by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) held in Narrabri on 3 February with participants from Grain Producers Australian and Cotton Australia.  The workshop was to identify actions that are available to industry to reduce the risks of spray drift with a specific focus on opportunities for R&D investments and industry led education and information.

NSW Farmers reminds members of the need for continued vigilance from farmers to follow the requirements of registered labels for all chemicals as part of their production practices.  This is important to ensuring that farmers maintain access to important chemicals and reduce restrictive red-tape on their businesses.  

The GRDC has fact sheets on managing spray drift and on managing the risks of surface temperature inversions when spraying available on their website. 

Contact: Justin Crosby

Phone: 1300 794 000

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