Submission supporting extending the use of Sharpen WG Herbicide to late season applications

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) ha made a submission on behalf of the grains industry to the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority in response to its Trade Advice Notice on BASF's application to extend Sharpen WG Herbicide (active saflufenacil) to late season application in winter cereal and pulse crops. The submission supports theapplication due to the benefits late season application of saflufenacil in reducing the viable seed set of wild radish and as a harvest aid for crop ripening and weed management in pulse. The GPA also argues the new herbicide mode of action is needed to manage issues with herbicide resistance and maintaining crop productivity. Click here to view the submission and here to read more about the APVMA's consultation.

Contact: Justin Crosby

Phone: 1300 794 000

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