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Isabella McDougall
Policy Advisor
Ph: (02) 9478-1066
Email: mcdougalli@nswfarmers.org.au

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Economics & Rural Affairs

  • Delivering food and fibre messages through the primary and secondary education curricula.
  • Renewing the government’s commitment to drought support.
  • Reforming the rural fire service funding arrangements and operations.
  • Advocating for better tax arrangements for farming businesses.
  • Improving transport and infrastructure for rural NSW.



With farmers in NSW generating over $14 billion in production we are a significant part of the NSW economy. Major exports of wheat, beef and wool add to NSW international trading position and our business interactions in rural NSW support large segments of the economy.  NSW Farmers aims to foster the development of profitable and productive farmers to feed the NSW economy. The Economics Committee works on a range of issues including local government, energy, transport and infrastructure, crown lands and taxation.



Rural Affairs

Farmers make up the essential fabric of rural communities, supporting the community and the social networks that form part of the Australian character. The Rural Affairs Committee and policy team strive to improve the standard of services available to farmers in NSW. The Committee works on behalf of the Association to champion the issues at the heart of rural and remote NSW, ranging from health, education and telecommunications to community development, bushfires and drought.


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