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As custodians of approximately 72% of the land mass of NSW, our members take their role as land managers seriously.  We take pride in the role our members play in sustainably producing food and fibre whilst providing ecosystem services.  Responsible management of our land and water resources is fundamental to the success of our farm businesses, and the families who own and operate them.  Through our Conservation and Resource Management Committee, NSW Farmers is working hard to achieve positive outcomes for members in the following areas.


Native vegetation

The current native Vegetation framework represents one of the biggest impediments to viable, efficient food and fibre production in NSW. The Native Vegetation Act 2003 has proven to be unworkable and has even caused detrimental environmental outcomes across the state. In the review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, NSW Farmers is calling urgently for 

  • A flexible and dynamic policy framework to assist and compliment a sustainable thriving agricultural industry in NSW and improved biodiversity outcomes. 
  • An Act that truly incorporates the balance of social, economic and environmental outcomes
  • abolition of property vegetation plans in favour of regional plans 
  • equitable alternatives of transferring the costs of conservation to the farm sector 
  • flexibility for innovative and sustainable forestry practices 
  • the ability for farmers to make sensible land use management decisions suitable to their needs



Mining & Coal Seam Gas

NSW Farmers promotes the protection of productive agricultural land and water resources from the expanding extractive industries. We believe that this requires

  • state-wide strategic and up-front planning: regional plans which include areas off limits to extractive industries 
  • a properly regulated industry with appropriate separations of power in approvals and compliance  
  • transparent and rigorous development approval processes based on the best available scientific information
  • protection of aquifers
  • balanced land access and compensation laws setting a fair playing field between landowners and companies seeking access to land 
  • robust, independent monitoring of activities.




Water is a valuable resource that must be planned for and managed efficiently. NSW Farmers continues to monitor the reviews of the water sharing plans across the state, assisting members to improve plans in an effort to streamline delivery and improve water efficiency. NSW Farmers is also fighting for better outcomes for members and rural communities involved in the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan and the review of the Water Act 2007. 

We are calling for:

  • water planning regimes based on balanced and equally considered social, environmental and economic outcomes
  • environmental watering plans that minimise impacts at peak water times
  • management of existing water storages to maximise productivity and environmental outcomes 
  • the construction of new dams, in a strategic manner to streamline electricity production, irrigator, primary production and community needs for mutually beneficial outcomes, flood mitigation and
  • the security of our members’ water entitlements. 



Land Use Planning

Regionally appropriate and evidence based planning decisions are vital for a thriving agricultural industry in both rural and peri-urban settings. We are calling for significant changes to the land-use planning framework which would ensure

  • the protection and promotion of agricultural land use
  • consistent and uniform guidelines to be used by councils in the development of local environment plans
  • a NSW planning policy for agriculture which reflects and promotes the importance of agriculture within the state and allows flexible and sustainable land use management decisions
  • the protection of farm production systems and values in peri-urban regions
  • a protected right to farm enshrined in legislation
  • Abolition of the standard instrument e-zones over farm land and other overlays which impede and compromise farm management practices.



Weeds & Pest Animals

It has been estimated that the total average spend per farm on pest and weed control is $20 640 per annum. All land managers must play a role in addressing weed and pest problems, recognising that weeds and pest animals are not only enormously damaging to agricultural productivity, but have damaging effects on biodiversity and water ways. 

After extensive lobbying NSW Farmers welcomed the government’s commitment to a tenure-neutral approach to weeds management in NSW and we now turn to effective implementation of weed reform including appropriately resourced control authorities and clear control obligations for landholders. 

Both pests and weeds know no boundaries, are state-wide and so a tenure-neutral and strategic approach is urgently needed in NSW. We are asking that the NSW Government fund and implement a strongly coordinated program for pest animal control that:

  • Is consistent across public and private tenures , including National Parks (“nil tenure”) 
  • Is supported by a centralised, map-based management data base, tracking pest animal occurrence, management activity and funding; 
  • Includes significant additional funding for wild dog, rabbit, fox and pig control activities; and
  • Includes changes to biodiversity policy to enable more efficient control activity.


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