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Native Vegetation

The current native vegetation framework represents one of the biggest impediments to the production of food and fibre in NSW. The scheme has proven to be unworkable and has even caused detrimental environmental outcomes across the state. 

NSW Farmers is calling urgently for:

  1. A complete review and reform of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and a move towards a new framework that incorporates truly balanced social, economic and environmental outcomes
  2. Abolition of property vegetation plans in favour of regional plans
  3. Equitable alternatives of transferring the costs of conservation to the farm sector
  4. Flexibility for innovative and sustainable forestry practices
  5. The ability for farmers to make sensible land use management decisions; a flexible and dynamic policy framework for a sustainable and thriving agricultural industry in NSW. 


On Friday 25 August 2017, the NSW Government’s biodiversity reform legislation; the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 came into force, replacing the Native Vegetation Act 2003 (NVA).
NSW Farmers has been lobbying for some twenty years for a fairer and more practicable land management framework that would deliver balanced social, economic and environmental outcomes for the farming community.

We are pleased that the NVA is now behind us, as it is clear that it was not able to deliver these outcomes.

After months of consultation with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and the NSW Farmers’ Native Vegetation Working Group, steps towards a more flexible and productive system of native vegetation management have been taken. There are, however, still many parts of the Government's reforms that require further work.
Of most interest to farmers is the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code (the Code), which regulates the management and clearing of native vegetation on regulated land. The Code is made up of five new land management codes: invasive native species, pasture expansion, continuing use, equity, and farm planning. Some of these codes require native vegetation set asides

We are disappointed that the final package retains a lot of red tape, digressing from the intent of the various recommendations originally contained in the Independent Review Panel’s report supported by Government.
We also believe that this new land management system needs to go further in supporting more productive farming methods and systems.
The appropriate funding and training of the Local Land Services (LLS) will be critical for the Government to deliver anything close to the landmark reform that it has promised.
Notwithstanding the above, with change comes opportunity and we really do encourage all farmers to actively engage in the process through contacting their local LLS to see what the new land management system can offer them.
The Berejiklian Barilaro Government has made many assurances that this new system of land management will finally deliver to the farming community the triple bottom line outcomes it has been seeking for so long and only time will tell whether the Government can deliver on its promise.
Government has said the new land management system will be reviewed in 12 months’ time. We will continue to raise our members’ concerns with Government at the highest levels until we are satisfied that a land management system that delivers social, economic and environmental outcomes has finally been implemented.

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