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Template Employment Contracts & Agreements

When employing a new worker (whether it be on a permanent, casual or fixed term basis), it is always best practice to put the terms and conditions in writing. The written contract sets parties’ expectation and will assist should there be a dispute in the future.

During employment, employers and employees may agree to certain agreements or arrangements. Most of these agreements will only stand if they are formalised in writing (for example, wage deductions agreement, Individual Flexibility Agreement, etc).

  • Click here to view template contracts and agreements.
Template Letters

From time to time, employers will need to issue disciplinary letters or termination letter relating to either poor work performance, poor conduct or other disciplinary related issues. Employers are encouraged to formally document warnings following verbal discussions or meetings. Before disciplining employees, thoroughly read through the performance management component of the employment lifecycle.

  • Click here for a full list of workplace template letters.
Template Workplace Policies

Employers are urged to review their current workplace policies or if you do not have any in place to review your workplace systems and procedures and consider implementing relevant and tailored policies. Workplace policies are a fundamental practice of all businesses, which allow employers to document, formalise and communicate to employees procedures, systems and expectations in regards to all facets of the business. It is also important to note that implementing and reviewing workplace policies is not the end of your obligations, you must ensure that you consult and discuss these policies with workers and ensure that workers understand all aspects of company policies.

Template Forms

When engaging workers, there are often numerous forms or documents that must be completed by either the employer and employee, or provided to the employee either prior to the employee commencing or throughout employment.

Online Calculators & Tools

Relevant government bodies and regulators have created useful tools and calculators to assist employers to stay compliant with the workplace related laws. We have collected a list of online calculators and tools for members’ convenience

  • Click here to view a list of online calculators & tools.
Webinar Presentations & Recordings

The industrial relations team have uploaded recordings and presentation slides of past employment related webinars delivered by NSW Farmers and guest speakers to ensure all full producer members have a chance to listen and learn about various workplace topics.

  • Click here to download presentation slides and view recordings of previous employment webinars. 
Briefing Notes

From time to time, the NSW Farmers Industrial Relations team will send members briefing notes concerning hot topic employment related matters.

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Newsletter Updates

The Industrial Relations team publishes bi-monthly newsletters with the focus to update members on workplace related developments and hot-topic news items.

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Native Title Resources

Throughout the course of native title claims affecting members of NSW Farmers, we will enact on developments and communicate information to members.

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