AGVET chemical safety fact sheet

AGVET Chemicals undergo a stringent registration and review process through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. In addition, each state has relevant legislation that requires chemical applicators to undergo training to ensure the protection of human health, the environment, property and trade. The relevant legislation in NSW is the Pesticides Act 1999.
  • The registration of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals in Australia is administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) which employs international best practice.
  • For a chemical product to be registered for use on farm, the APVMA must ensure that it is safe for humans and the environment when under the conditions the APVMA places on its label.
  • Before farmers are able to use registered chemicals they must undertake training.
  • The APVMA is also responsible for ensuring that registered chemicals remain safe to use as the information we know about chemicals changes.  It does this through the ability to reconsider the registration of chemicals.
  • It employs the following systems to ensure the ongoing safety of agvet chemicals.


Chemical Review

 Adverse Experience Reporting Program (AERP)
  • The AERP facilitates the responsible management of agricultural chemicals throughout their lifecycle:
    o Adverse experience reports
    o Residue detections
    o Compliance intelligence
    o Information is ranked high to low dependent on the risk to human health, the environment and product efficacy
    o Reports may be submitted by anyone who has been subject to an adverse experience resulting from an APVMA approved chemical.
APVMA Nomination
  • The APVMA accept external nominations for review, and self refer nomination for review as a result of its ongoing intelligence into experience and literature on chemicals or when prompted by:
    o International regulatory decisions and regulatory scientific assessment reports
    o Peer-reviewed scientific literature
    o Information submitted to the APVMA in compliance with existing statutory obligations
    o Information obtained by state and territory agencies
Chemical Review
  • All chemicals placed within chemical review program are prioritised on the following risk based criteria:
    o Human health (toxicology and OHS)
    o Environment
    o Residue and trade impacts
    o Product efficacy
    o Target animal and crop safety
  • The APVMA may choose to continue, amend or cancel a registration in accordance with set standards.
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