Devil in detail of emergency services property levy

NSW Farmers’ Association is seeking further details on the NSW Government’s plans to implement an emergency services property levy.

While the association supports a contribution from all rate payers to the emergency services levy, it believes that levy should reflect the level of service usage.

NSW Farmers’ rural affairs spokesperson Sonia O’Keefe said: “Details that will underpin the shift to the property-based levy are yet to be confirmed.”

“But the government has indicated it is considering different rates to be applied depending on property classification such as whether it is commercial, residential or rural.

“These rates need to be proportionate to the services drawn upon by each sector, and should not shift costs from metropolitan or commercial classifications onto rural landowners.

“We will need to see more details before we can be confident the new levy will be equitable for rural landholders.

“In attempting to make the system ‘fairer’, government must make sure that the rates charged are directly related to the services used and risks that exist in each sector.

“The outcome for rural landowners must be a balanced and equitable levy contribution that is proportionate to the risks in their area,” Mrs O’Keefe said.

The announcement from the NSW Government states that from 1 July 2017, the levy will no longer be drawn from insurance policies, but instead charged to all landowners alongside council rates.  


11 December 2015 

Contact: Veneta Chapple

Phone: 0429 990 218

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