E-zones concerns brings farmers together

A team from NSW Farmers’ Association is heading to Coffs Harbour next week to address the impact of new environmental zones on local food production.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson and members will join Coffs Harbour city councillors and rural landholders at a meeting on environmental zones at the Nana Glen Hall on Monday 10 November.

Ms Simson said members of the NSW Farmers’ Coffs Harbour Branch had voiced a number of concerns about new council environmental zonings being imposed on land used for local food production.

“We have a fantastic and growing branch in Coffs Harbour and the region has great potential for growth in food production,” Ms Simson said.

“Members of the branch are actively involved in local Landcare groups and have undertaken a great deal of voluntary, incentive based environmental works over many years and built sustainable farming systems.

“Imposing more environmental zonings over and above the Native Vegetation Act on private land is not the way to engage with farmers when it comes to working towards a sustainable environment.”

NSW Farmers’ Coffs Harbour Branch chair Gary Dew said there are two issues causing concern in the rural community.

“The Coffs Harbour Local Environment Plan was gazetted last year and included changing all land zoned 7A to an E2 zoning,” Mr Dew said.

“This was done without consultation with the farming community and we are concerned because the E2 zoning can be very restrictive for routine farm management and production.”

Mr Dew said farmers were also concerned about a draft council report: Landscape Corridors of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area which was on public exhibition until 7 December.

“These corridors could also be very restrictive and impact on our farm management and food production,” he concluded.

“We invite all farmers and rural landholders to come along to the meeting, hear from the councillors and NSW Farmers and provide feedback.”

The meeting is being held at the Nana Glen Hall on Monday, November 10th, starting at 7.30pm.


5 November 2014

Contact: Mick Burt

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