Farmers call for better internet access

State and federal governments were called on today to urgently address the glaring inequality between rural and metropolitan internet services by farmers gathered in Sydney at the NSW Farmers’ annual conference.

Those living and working in rural NSW are dealing daily with a ‘digital divide’ on internet access despite improvements delivered to date through the roll out of the NBN network.

Many producers face severe restrictions in terms of access, cost and volume of data usage available on their internet services compared to those in metropolitan areas.

Service drop outs are common and producers even face being cut off from the internet entirely if they break their download limit for the month. The impacts are particularly severe for those who access their internet through a satellite service.

NSW Farmers telecommunication’s spokesman Anthony Gibson said that current internet availability was acting as a hand break on innovation and productivity growth in agriculture.

“Agriculture is set to be one of the boom industries across NSW and Australia and many farmers are eager to use the latest technology to improve their business,” he said.

“Inability to access even the most basic internet services is a constant frustration for many of our members and is a constraint on business productivity.”

NSW Farmers has consistently lobbied for better internet and mobile phone services in NSW.

Most recently the association has completed a submission to the 2015 Regional Telecommunications Review calling for an expansion of the roll out of fibre across the NBN network and a quality of service agreement between the Federal Government and the NBN to create a mandated level of service for those on fixed wireless and satellite services.  

14 July 2015 



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