Farmers call for end to work on EIS

NSW Farmers has written to Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to ask him to end consideration of a mandatory electronic identification system (EIS) for all sheep and goats in Australia. 

NSW Farmers Wool Committee Chair Ed Storey said that an EIS would present a huge financial impost on producers and would require significant resources to implement nationally.

He said: “Far too much time and energy has been spent by all parties to progress a system that will ultimately have a negative impact on sheep and goat producers.”

“The impracticalities of implementing such a system would far outweigh any perceived benefits for our members and producers.

“Furthermore, the existing mob based system has been clearly shown to meet the national livestock traceability performance standards in NSW and we support the enhancement of the current mob based system,” Mr Storey concluded.

A survey of NSW Farmers members has shown that the vast majority of producers support the current system, think it is user friendly and reliable and are happy with the level of enforcement of traceability requirements in NSW.

ABARES is currently working on a final regulation impact statement for a mandatory EIS for sheep and goats.   

NSW Farmers believes that given the staunch opposition from producers in NSW and the effectiveness of the current mob based system, the resources of ABARES and multiple stakeholders involved with sheep and goats could be much better spent.

NSW Farmers has called on the federal government to take whatever action is necessary to conclude the work of ABARES on the EIS and whatever action is necessary to end consideration of a mandatory system for sheep and goats.


13 May 2014 

Contact: Veneta Chapple

Phone: 0429 990 218

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