Farmers call on Choice to release survey methodology on eggs

NSW Farmers has called on Choice to release the methodology used to undertake its 2014 survey of consumer attitudes to free range eggs.

The call follows the release of the Treasury’s Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on Free Range Egg Labelling.

Matt Brand, NSW Farmers CEO said: “Our farmers’ attitude to free range labelling is pretty simple – they want consumers to get the egg they want with information they can understand. That means farmers can have certainty and consumers can have confidence.”

“One of the things all stakeholders in this debate have to work toward is giving consumers confidence, not further confusing them. This process is meant to create certainty, not additional confusion.

“In line with this, NSW Farmers has made public the methodology that was used in its recent research and we are asking that other parties do the same. I am particularly keen to see Choice’s research.

“The Treasury’s regulatory impact statement has quoted the Choice research at least 15 times making it a centrepiece of public consideration on the broader issue. With many members of the public now having a look through the RIS as a way of engaging in this process it is really important that we understand the methodology which was used in that survey.

“NSW Farmers research used a nationally representative sample of 1,200 respondents which were sourced from an ISO accredited market research panel and screened to ensure accuracy. Our research tells a vastly different story than the research by Choice. It indicated that there is less confusion about what consumers expect from free range than has been put forward by Choice.

“Choice research is deeply embedded in a government document. I hope for the sake of accuracy and common sense, we can see the methodology that was used so that we can all be clear on the accuracy of the claims that have been made.

“The last thing we need in this debate is more confusion. I hope Choice can clear this up for us as soon as possible by releasing the full survey results along with their methodology,” Mr Brand concluded.


13 October 2015 

Contact: John Dunn

Phone: 02 9478 1035

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