Farmers call on government to fund cattle underpass scheme

NSW Farmers is calling on the NSW Government to fund cattle underpasses.

The call follows a survey by the association of cattle and dairy farmers in which they nominated numerous crossings where there had already been a livestock injury or death, or where movement of livestock was, ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Farmers identified increased volumes of traffic and poor driver awareness as issues that were making routine cattle crossing an increasingly difficult task. In particular it identified issues for dairy farmers in the Oxley and Bega electorates, where expanding local populations and growing tourist traffic were creating greater danger for livestock and the general public.

The survey revealed that many farmers had to move their cattle across increasingly busy roads up to twice a day to maintain the productivity of their business. However, it was almost impossible for an individual farmer to fund retrofitting an underpass.

NSW Farmers’ Dairy Committee member Scott Hurrell said: “Taking cattle off our roads benefits public road safety, reduces unnecessary traffic congestion and eliminates issues associated with effluent and soil on road surfaces.”

“In our local area at Comboyne, farmers move an increasing number of cattle across roads. On our own farm, there are five road crossing points which are used for up to 40 crossings per month. Being able to cross our cattle safely is important for the long term viability of our family business.”

The Victorian Government has overseen a highly successful cattle underpass scheme. NSW Farmers is calling on the NSW Government to implement a similar scheme in NSW.

17 March 2015 




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