Farmers concerned about special CSG deal

NSW Farmers today questioned the need for the NSW Government’s special deal to shore up Santos’s Narrabri multi-billion dollar coal seam gas project.
NSW Farmers president Fiona Simson said that while the association was reviewing the details of the agreement between the company and the government, she would have serious reservations if the government was cutting corners and short circuiting proper process. 
Ms Simson added that if anything had been guaranteed to Santos outside proper government process then farmers and communities had every right to be concerned about the government’s motives for prioritisation of energy companies over food and fibre producers.

Ms Simson said the association’s core concern remained - the lack of an exclusion zone for strategic agricultural land. 
“The coal seam gas industry is still a new one in NSW and it needs to be led by world class science - not just economics or politics. 
“This agreement has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for future fast tracking of gas projects which our farmers and rural communities just won’t swallow,” she concluded.

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