Farmers support native veg changes

Nearly 60 farmers from throughout New South Wales today converged on Parliament House in Sydney in anticipation of hearing upper house parliamentarians address the Native Vegetation Amendment Bill.

The Bill, tabled by the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party, proposes a number of straightforward targeted amendments to the Act which have been supported by NSW Farmers’ Association.NSW Farmers’ native vegetation spokesperson Mitchell Clapham said today was an important day for farmers and the issue of native vegetation.

“We have been seeking legislative changes to the native vegetation framework for many years and it was not until the Shooters and Fishers Party put up its amendment bill that we got any traction from the Coalition Government which is now arranging an independent review of the Act,” he said.

“Obviously it has been more than four months since the Bill was tabled and there have been a lot of developments in that time. However, the Bill has the ability to fix a number of issues with the Act and that is why we went up to Parliament House today – to support it.

“While the Coalition has indicated that there are aspects of the Bill that it supports, the amendments on the table at the moment are tokenistic and our preference is for the original Bill’s amendments.

“Our presence at parliament today was an opportunity for us to demonstrate our frustration at the time taken to reform the perverse outcomes that the current Act has on farming practices in this state and seek recognition that environmental outcomes and food production outcomes can in fact go hand in hand.

“While we congratulate the NSW Government for committing to repeal the current Act, there is a long way to go before outcomes can be successfully delivered.

“We look forward to working with relevant Coalition members over the next three weeks to ensure that meaningful amendments for our constituents are secured,” Mr Clapham concluded.


17 September 2014 




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