Support candidates who understand rural Australia

The best way for farmers and rural and regional NSW to support themselves and their communities is to vote for the people who understand the bush, NSW Farmers president Fiona Simson said today.

Ms Simson was giving advice to the thousands of farmers who were members of the association ahead of the federal election on 7 September.

“There are many great and well accomplished people standing for election this weekend – many who will be leading our country next week.

“But the best thing that farmers and those who live and work in rural communities can do is to support the people who understand what we do, who have lived amongst us and who value our hard work and the contribution that we make every day to this great country and its people.

“I am a passionate advocate for rural Australia and for our agriculture sector which contributes
*$43.1 billion to the national economy and *$10.7 billion to the NSW economy each year.

“And although we have seen some latent support by all parties to rural Australia and agriculture from a commitment to mobile black spots to support for native title respondents and farmers ability to say no to CSG companies, it is important that the party which forms the next government implements what they promised to deliver for rural and regional Australia.

“A key way farmers and rural Australia can ensure this happens is by maximizing the number of candidates from rural and regional Australia who are elected to parliament and more importantly to the Senate. It is in the Senate that rural Australia can make a difference to the number of MPs from the bush.

“We need our rural people elected to parliament to ensure the promises made by parties pre-election about building infrastructure, roads and rail; about building centres in rural and regional Australia and about implementing programs which will support ag education and drive productivity and competitiveness are more than electioneering blurb on a flyer.

“We need our rural members of parliament to ensure those promises become a reality for the estimated **2.4 million people living outside urban centres in Australia.

“I can assure farmers and their communities that after the election NSW Farmers, our kindred organizations in other states and the National Farmers Federation will do everything in our power to ensure what has been promised to them is actually delivered,” Ms Simson concluded.

*(ABS 2011-12 Figures)
**World Bank 2012 Report

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