Farmers encouraged with steps forward on native veg review

NSW Farmers today welcomed the release of the terms of reference for an independent review of native vegetation and related biodiversity legislation across NSW.

Fiona Simson, NSW Farmers President, said she was encouraged the government had finally acted on NSW Farmers’ extensive and relentless lobbying on this issue.

“It’s a good announcement and we are encouraged to see recognition that the current laws do not deliver balance and the proposed tight timeframes are promising,” she said.
“The terms of reference for the review place an emphasis on consideration of the social and economic impacts of the legislation including whether the current regulatory provisions balance environmental, social and economic factors in decision making.
“The terms highlight a need to localise decision making which is what our members have been seeking for years.
“The independent panel appears well credentialed and we trust it will make recommendations in line with modern sustainable farm management practices.
“We look forward to working with the panel and the new minister on this priority issue for our members,” she concluded.


19 June 2014 

Contact: Danica Leys

Phone: 02 9478 1078

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