Farmers gutted by failure to protect Liverpool Plains from mining

NSW Farmers has expressed deep disappointment at the Planning and Assessment Commission’s review report for the Shenhua Watermark Coal Project released today.

The organisation was also highly critical of the NSW Government and its approvals framework which it says has failed farmers.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson said: “Our members will be gutted. This report gives them and the community no certainty about their future or the future of the Liverpool Plains land and water resources.”

“This project is inappropriate and the whole area should be off limits to this type of development.

“The NSW Government has comprehensively failed to put in place the right checks and balances to protect precious agricultural areas.

“The commission has rightly identified that the mine would be located in the middle of some of the most significant and valuable agricultural land in the country, but has underestimated the actions needed to ensure the long term viability of farming in the area.

“The commission has also clearly identified massive flaws in the water data presented by the proponent and more water modelling will not fix the irreversible damage to aquifers the project will cause.

“Until governments and corporates start listening to communities and their fears about the future of their land and water, they can forget about building any trust.

“We will work through the report over the coming days but we strongly believe it is past time the NSW Government drew a line in the sand and protected our land, water and livelihoods.

“Enough is enough. The people of the Liverpool Plains deserve certainty and it’s time our elected representatives stood up for the future of our industry,” Ms Simson concluded.

5 September 2014 

Contact: Adair Moir

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