Farmers invited to energy innovation seminar

As part of a new farm energy innovation program NSW Farmers will host an energy seminar in Tamworth this month focusing on power purchasing options, costs and factors influencing the price of energy and how farmers can get the best rate for their utilities.

The seminar to be held on Thursday 28 November is free and open to the public and has been designed to suit broadacre and intensive farmers as well as farm advisors, service providers and representatives of processing facilities.

Sessions will include practical advice on quick wins in broad acre and intensive farming,  background on energy pricing and purchasing and examples drawn from  energy audits on representative farms. There will also be discussion on big picture opportunities to turn farm waste into energy.

Speakers will include:

  • Phil Shorten, Principal Consultant, Energetics - a Sydney-based energy engineering firm
  • Jackie Kruger, Director of Planning and Community Services - Tamworth Regional Council 
  • David Eyre, General Manager of Research and Development - NSW Farmers Association

Mr Eyre said the association and its partners were investigating practical ways farmers could use energy more efficiency and reduce exposure to increasing energy prices.

“We see potential for emerging renewable energy technologies such as waste to energy plants which become feasible in regions such as Tamworth where high volumes of animal and crop waste are available,” he said.

Ms Kruger said she was delighted to be collaborating with NSW Farmers on turning agricultural wastes (like spent poultry litter) from a problem into an opportunity.

“Electricity demand will grow as new industries come to town and we are interested in exploring innovative ways in which some of that energy can be obtained from renewal sources with co-benefits for the community and the economy,” she concluded.

Following the presentations, two parallel workshops will take place – one for broadacre farming and one for intensive farming.

  • For further information or to register click here.

Contact: Veneta Chapple

Phone: 0429 990 218

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