Government urged to protect Liverpool Plains

NSW Farmers today called on the government to act immediately to make good on its promises to protect the Liverpool Plains.

The call follows the Planning and Assessment Commission’s approval of the Shenhua Watermark’s open cut coal mine on the Liverpool Plains - a highly productive cereal cropping region in the north west of New South Wales.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson said the decision by the panel to approve this project meant “no place in NSW is safe from mining.”

“This decision represents a complete policy failure by the NSW Government to protect any of the state’s high value agricultural land and water,” she said.

“It is the government’s policy framework which has enabled the commission to approve this project. While it will pass the buck on this decision to the commission, it is the government which has coal dust all over its hands.”

NSW Farmers will continue to highlight the policy failure of government in the area of agriculture land and water which is highlighted by its Strategic Regional Land Use Policy - the framework it claims was designed to protect agricultural land and water.

Ms Simson said the association would continue to be critical of the government’s land use policy while its loopholes continued to enable projects like an open cut coal mine to be brought on stream in the Liverpool Plains.

“The commission clearly stated the blacksoil of the Liverpool Plains needs protection from mining. The ridges and the plains are intrinsically linked. They are both highly valuable and integrally connected and they both need to be protected.

“This mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place and we urge the government to honour its promise that it will protect the Liverpool Plains,” Ms Simson concluded.

30 January 2015 

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