Farmers welcome dairy industry study

NSW Farmers has welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s report Growing the NSW Dairy Industry which explores avenues for growth in the state’s dairy industry.

The association’s Dairy Committee Chair Rob McIntosh said the report was a well grounded analysis of the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the NSW dairy industry.

“It provides the necessary information from which the industry will be able to develop a realistic, informed and achievable strategy for growth,” he said.

“It also identifies expanding the production of milk in NSW as a critical factor if the industry is to be able to take advantage of any long term growth and export opportunities.

“This increased production cannot be achieved without incentives to farmers in the form of higher farm gate returns and while $1 a litre milk remains as an artificial price floor in the domestic milk market,” he said.

Mr McIntosh commended the NSW Government for its proactive engagement in the dairy industry’s future.

“We look forward to providing the industry leadership necessary to bring this report to life and grow the future of the NSW dairy industry,” he concluded.


12 September 2014 





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