Farmers welcome flying fox management plan

NSW Farmers welcomed the announcement of the new flying fox management strategy launched by Minister Stokes today.

NSW Farmers’ Horticulture Chair Peter Darley said the strategy continued the government’s commitment towards the successful management of flying foxes for orchardists and the broader community across the state.

In August, the NSW Government announced an extension to the Flying Fox Netting Program for all NSW orchardists. The subsidy assists orchardists to meet the costs for netting their properties.
“Farmers want the most efficient and safe option for both their businesses and flying foxes. Netting has proven to be the most effective form of preventing loss of fruit to flying foxes, but up until recently it was unaffordable,” said Mr Darley.

“The funding of the netting scheme has enabled orchardists to move away from reliance on licensed culling of flying foxes to protect their crop.

“With the government’s commitment to assisting industry to transition to the safer management of flying foxes, industry supports the move from government to restrict the issuing of licences to harm flying foxes to special circumstances.

“This policy has been generated after input from NSW Farmers and will assist orchardists as they transition to the use of netting to manage flying foxes where unanticipated incursions arise. 
“The netting subsidy has been warmly received across the state. Growers are very thankful for this important co-contribution from the government that will be beneficial to both growers and the environment,” Mr Darley concluded.

NSW Farmers is supportive of the NSW Government’s initiative and will continue to liaise with its members and government to ensure both grower and flying fox needs are appropriately represented.

3 November 2014

Contact: Jennifer Shillabeer

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