Farmers welcome global competitiveness report

NSW Farmers welcomed the findings of the latest report released from McKinsey Consulting which highlighted that farmers were the key drivers in the most competitive sector of the economy - agriculture.

The report released this week Compete to Prosper: Improving Australia’s global competitiveness stated that while other industry sectors were noted as having a substantial comparative advantage, that advantage was flat or diminishing.

McKinsey’s report took a different view on the role of government. Rather than picking winners or at the other extreme promoting free market thinking and balancing the budget, it noted the benefits could flow from deliberate action to support the sectors where a competitive advantage could be achieved.

NSW Farmers President Fiona Simson said: “Interestingly the agricultural sector is already operating in the manner that the report said is required to achieve a competitive advantage for other sectors.”

“For example adopting a global mindset to everything we do is how we as farmers operate. Working with government to facilitate and coordinate economic development is also something we do in our day to day practice, as is adopting innovative techniques and promoting our sector.”

“Farmers should be proud of our sector. We should also continue to advocate for collaborative approaches and for investment in infrastructure that will continue to increase our competitive edge.

“We are all too aware of the additional production costs we bear as a result of inadequate infrastructure such as poor quality transport corridors or reduced access to telecommunications services compared to our metro counterparts.

“Our association has a key role to play in advocating for collaborative approaches and investment in infrastructure and we will continue to work alongside National Farmers Federation to achieve this at both a state and federal level,” she concluded.


31 July 2014 

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