Farmers welcome latest CHOICE report on eggs

NSW Farmers today welcomed the latest CHOICE research on free range eggs which aligned with its own consumer research. 

The association’s CEO Matt Brand said however that he was confounded by the way CHOICE’s research had been interpreted.
NSW Farmers welcomed three findings in the CHOICE research which confirmed alignment between the findings of industry and the consumer advocacy group.

Mr Brand said on the three criteria proposed by CHOICE, the farming community met or exceeded all of its expectations.
“Our birds do go outside regularly with access provided for a minimum of six hours a day, our stocking densities of one bird per square metre ensure that there is plenty of space for the hens to move around and farmers continue to be the best custodians of good animal welfare,” he said.

“What we don’t understand is that the free range standards that CHOICE is advocating for are NOT reflected in what their own consumer research has found.

“CHOICE’s research demonstrates broad alignment with the majority of industry practices so the question is why this consumer advocacy group is so intent on suggesting that the free range market is made up of phoney free range producers.

“Our producers are not sure why the organisation continues to pursue such an anti-agriculture agenda. What beef does it have with our industry?

“We are also concerned that the CHOICE report may marginalise smaller, niche producers of free range.

“Due to the nature of these small production systems, the internal stocking densities of these operators usually creates an environment where birds have less room to move around inside.

“I don’t want any genuine farmer to lose out in this space. On CHOICE’s proposal, small, niche caravan farmers would be precluded from selling free range,” he concluded.

27 November 2015

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