Farming is not a nuisance – step forward on right to farm in NSW

NSW Farmers welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s right to farm policy today.

The policy is a result of a pre-election agreement between the NSW Farmers Association and the NSW Liberal and National Parties.

NSW Farmers Conservation and Resource Management Chair Mitchell Clapham said the policy represented a significant step forward in a long battle in recognising farmers’ lawful ability to continue producing food and fibre for NSW and global consumers.

“Right to farm is a long standing policy of our members and means that where farming is occurring lawfully, it can continue to occur.

“The policy includes  measures to address the situation where someone moves into an established farming area and subsequently lodges repeated complaints with the local council about the pre-existing farming activities. In some local council areas, complaints are made on a weekly basis causing stress to farming families and in some instances pushes farmers off the land. 

“The reality is, farming can be smelly, it can be noisy but we need to recognise most farmers are operating within the law and producing fresh food and fibre for a growing population. In particular, the importance of near-to-market fresh produce in peri-urban areas means that we need to embrace these farms and not attempt to harass the farmers until they leave,” Mr Clapham said.

NSW Farmers congratulated the Department of Primary Industries and Minister Niall Blair MLC for helping to ensure the long term viability of agriculture in this state and for helping to minimise land use conflict.

Mr Clapham said that right to farm issues would only increase as urban sprawl continued to effectively sterilise productive agricultural land.

“It’s not a quick fix but a comprehensive long-term policy solution and we look forward to continuing to work with the NSW Government on this issue and hope that other states follow suit.”


18 December 2015

Contact: Danica Leys

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