Federal Government delivers on ag chem

NSW Farmers has welcomed the release of draft legislation by the Federal Government to remove unnecessary red tape from the registration of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Reg Kidd, Chair of the NSW Farmers agricultural and veterinary chemicals committee has congratulated the Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, for his swift action to implement the government’s election commitment to put downwards pressure on the cost of agricultural inputs.

‘Australia has a proud history of a chemical registration system that has ensured that the chemicals used on farm are safe as well as effective.

‘As a result farmers have had access to important tools of production that add $17.6 Billion to the Australian economy and are essential to protecting our environment from weeds and animal pests’, said Mr Kidd.

‘The actions of the Government retain the key benefits of this system and focuses on removing unnecessary and costly regulation that the former Labor government introduced despite the warnings from industry.

‘If Labor’s red tape is not repealed prior to its commencement, farmers will face an increased cost for chemicals and a loss of safe generic chemicals that maintains downward pressure on the price of farm chemicals.

‘NSW Farmers will continue to work with other farming groups and the crop protection industry to assist the government in implementing the removal of red tape that burdens the ability of Australian farmers to access safe and effective chemicals.

Australia’s has a rigorous and science based framework for agricultural chemicals that enables Australia to grow its productivity and maintain its reputation as clean and green producers of food.  This is based on a chemical registration scheme founded on rigorous science and the engagement of farmers in an accreditation scheme that demonstrates their skill and competence.

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