Giant leap forward for biosecurity in NSW

NSW Farmers has welcomed the introduction of the Biosecurity Bill (2015) which will establish NSW as the premier state in its efforts to ensure we retain our internationally renowned clean and green image.

Association President Derek Schoen said the Bill represents a giant leap forward for biosecurity in NSW.

“Not only will this legislation strengthen our protocols and protection against biosecurity threats, it will also raise community awareness about the importance of protecting our enviable biosecurity status,” he said.

“We particularly welcome the formalisation of the framework of a shared responsibility.

“Agriculture is set to be one of the key pillars of NSW’s economic base over the coming decades; growing the economy, boosting jobs and shoring up our bottom line. But to fulfil the promise of that economic success we must be more vigilant than ever before of protecting our status as the state that produces the safest food.

“This is NSW leadership at its best and it shows that the potential of agriculture is being supported through legislative action by the government.

“We recognise that lifting the visibility on the importance of biosecurity will be a challenging task, requiring higher levels of community engagement and more extension to farmers to ensure that we all know the importance of biosecurity.

“This essential reform has the full support of the NSW Farmers and we look forward to working with government to ensure that the promise of this new framework can be brought to life across the state,” Mr Schoen concluded.


13 August 2015 

Contact: John Dunn

Phone: 02 9478 1000

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