LLS chairs welcomed

NSW Farmers today welcomes the appointment of the 11 inaugural local land services regional chairs by the minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson.

NSW Farmers President, Fiona Simson agreed with the Minister in stating that these chairs will play a critical role in positioning LLS as an organisation that tackles local challenges and delivers benefits for local farmers, land managers and communities.

While it is important that they are leaders in their areas, it is also important that they recognise, as a chair, they represent the interests of their local board and the local landholders said Ms Simson.

As the minister stated, they need to work with their boards and communities.

As such we would encourage all these new chairs to get out and meet with their local farmers to hear what the issues are and what services the local LLS need to deliver.

In June, the NSW Government passed legislation setting up the framework for the LLS. IPART has also been charged with reviewing the funding framework for the LLS.

There will be a lot of responsibility on these chairs and their boards to get the details right and fill out that framework, Ms Simson said.

The balance of statewide policies and local service delivery as well as the balance between state government funding contributions and landholder rates will be crucial to the success of the LLS. If these are not right LLS will lose the respect of the landholders.

This process has taken a little longer than the original timeframe so it is pleasing that the recently appointed chair of the LLS board of chairs, John Macarthur-Stanham said that “they are working quickly through a process of finalising the appointment of appointed board members” and that he will be “holding the first meeting of the Board of Chairs in coming weeks”.

With less than 3 months until the election of local LLS board members however it would be beneficial if they could be included in any planning discussions.

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