Mining policy correction welcomed by farmers

NSW Farmers today welcomed the NSW Government’s proposal to remove controversial parts of the state environmental planning policy for mining which puts the economic significance of a resource above all other considerations.

The ‘significance of the resource’ amendments were rushed through in 2013 and at the time were strongly opposed by NSW Farmers.
The government’s announcement today included removal of the amendments and foreshadows a wider review of the policy later this year. 
NSW Farmers president Fiona Simson said: “Removing the amendment about the significance of the resource corrects what we believe was an error made two years ago.”
“I’m pleased decision makers are now required, under legislation, to fully consider the social, environmental and economic impacts of a mining development prior to approval.
“We look forward to the statutory review of the mining policy and being fully consulted when this review takes place.
“Our association has advocated for years on strengthening the state environmental planning policy to allow for more community certainty and for greater protection and promotion of sustainable agricultural land use.
“While welcome, it is unfortunate that the correction to the policy is too late for some regional communities who have endured significant expense and concern as a result of the original amendments to the SEPP."
“We highlighted the triple bottom line responsibility of government at the time but unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears.  We certainly welcome this shift in government direction." Ms Simson concluded.

7 July 2015

Contact: Danica Leys

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