Strategy for fruit fly control welcomed

NSW Farmers has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of an $80,000 funding commitment to a national fruit fly strategy scheme.

NSW Farmers has long supported the creation and implementation of alternative strategies to help its farming members control fruit fly.

NSW Farmers Horticulture Committee Chair Peter Darley said: “This funding is great news for the industry. After having fenthion use restricted and so many areas in NSW affected by fruit fly, we need to develop a strategy for their control.”

The funding from the government will help increase targeted research and development into fruit fly strategies, ensure gaps in policy and regulations are covered and identify efficiencies in the processes.

Mr Darley said: “The horticulture industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy so it makes sense that we should be looking at ways to control such a damaging pest.”

“Vulnerable horticultural commodities have suffered since the loss of fenthion especially up on the north coast of NSW where fruit fly populations thrive in the warmer conditions.” 

NSW Farmers has recommended a joint federal and state government trial funded program be undertaken with vulnerable fruit commodities to accelerate the development and adoption of effective alternative control regimes.

Mr Darley said: “We know the DPI and other organisations have been looking into different ways to manage fruit fly and with government funds covering the gaps in research, the implementation of a much needed multi-layered approach to the control of fruit fly is becoming more achievable.”

“With the control of fruit fly, growers will have less pressure on them and it will increase their ability to access the export market.”

12 May 2014 


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