Native vegetation commitment welcomed

NSW Farmers today welcomed the Coalition government’s significant commitment that if returned to power at the NSW election, it will overhaul its native vegetation laws.

Fiona Simson, President of NSW Farmers said: “We are very pleased to see, in response to an independent review of the state’s biodiversity laws, the Coalition has committed to adopt all 43 of the panel’s recommendations.”

“Some of the key outcomes for us include the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, the removal of the unworkable and unnecessary ‘improve or maintain’ standard and the move towards the treatment of land use change as a planning consideration. The panel has recommended that all of these things happen.

“The panel’s involvement in the implementation of this new regime is also a significant win for us. It has made some common sense recommendations and it is great the Coalition will support the panel’s involvement through to the end.”

“While we were disappointed this work was not done in the previous term of government - we must move on and acknowledge the Coalition government’s clear plan on this issue.

“The Liberals and Nationals have also committed to a self-imposed timeframe of November 2015 for a draft exposure Bill.

“We are keen for an outcome for farmers as soon as possible, yet understand the complexities involved with this large piece of work. We will be holding the Coalition parties to their timeline on this should they be returned to government.

“The Coalition’s plan represents a significant step for farmers and we are supporting it. It recognises that environmental outcomes and food production outcomes can in fact go hand in hand and don’t have to result in perverse outcomes for farming practices.
“We thank the Shooters and Fishers Party who listened to us and worked very hard on trying to get some progress for us on amendments to the current Act last year. We hope the Shooters and Fishers will also support the Coalition’s plan if they are returned to government,” she concluded.ends 


26 March 2015

Contact: Veneta Chapple

Phone: 0429 990 218

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