NSW Farmers calls for drought maps

NSW Farmers has again today called on the NSW Government to reinstate climate maps indicating where the areas of drought are in New South Wales.

The call comes on the same day as a Local Land Services seasonal conditions workshop in Sydney at which the issue of drought was discussed in detail.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson said: “Maps indicating the areas of drought in NSW are needed for a number of reasons but in particular, they provide recognition to farmers that the government understands the challenging circumstances they are facing.”

Ms Simson said the continuing drought conditions across more than 50 percent of the state were increasing mental health concerns in the bush and it was vitally important service providers, which had been granted government funding to provide services to those in need, were able to allocate services accordingly.

“Without the information that used to be provided via two coloured maps on the Rural Assistance Authority website, these agencies with funding to spend and resources to allocate are having to make decisions on anecdotal evidence and hearsay,” she said.

“This is a frustrating situation for all involved, least of all, those who are in need of assistance.”

NSW Farmers is calling upon the NSW Government to uphold its duty of care and ensure the funding it has provided is being spent effectively and efficiently by ensuring information provided through the maps is available.


8 October 2014 

Contact: Amy Williams

Phone: 02 9478 1076

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