NSW Farmers calls for proper protection of ag land

NSW President Fiona Simson will appear at a public hearing this week to voice concerns about proposed open cut coal mining on the Liverpool Plains of NSW.

The Planning and Assessment Commission will hear verbal submissions from a range of parties at a hearing in Gunnedah today and tomorrow.

Ms Simson said: “We have observed rural communities facing an unprecedented pace of expansion of mining and other extractive industries over the past few years.”

“The legislative framework in NSW has struggled to keep pace with the increased land use conflict that is occurring. In fact, we believe it has largely been developed in an ad-hoc way to suit the interests of miners.

“For example, the amendments to the Mining SEPP* have elevated the significance of the mineral resource as the principle consideration for decision makers – a concept that is outrageous and will undoubtedly lead to perverse outcomes for communities.

“Although we are not opposed to mining we do insist such developments occur strategically and not at the expense of productive agricultural land and water.

“There are regions where mining activities are completely inappropriate and incompatible with farming activities. Without a doubt, this is the case when it comes to the Liverpool Plains. NSW Farmers’ position is that this area should be off limits for mining.

“We will be raising a number of issues with the commission including the importance of the agricultural productivity of the area as well as the proponent’s inadequate responses to issues like strategic agricultural land impact, cumulative impacts and dust.

“NSW Farmers is urging the commission to review all the issues raised by all parties carefully and we hope the right decision will be reached - one that protects the Liverpool Plains for future generations,” she concluded.


26 June 2014 

*SEPP -  State Environmental Planning Policy



Contact: Danica Leys

Phone: 02 9478 1078

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