Farmers support coordinated fox approach

NSW’s peak farming group, NSW Farmers, has supported a proposed pest control order to be placed on foxes which strengthens landholder obligations to control foxes and places strict requirements on those keeping foxes as pets.

NSW Farmers’ senior vice president and chair of the Vertebrate Pest Working Group Mr Mark Horan said a whole of community approach can only lead to improvement on a number of fronts.

“At the moment, farmers are spending large amounts of time and money on fox control and it is often the case that their work is undermined by those not contributing.

“As significant pests affecting both livestock and native wildlife, foxes cause immense pressure on the health and viability of our farms. This is not to mention the biosecurity risks that foxes pose to both human and environmental health.

“Foxes have been listed under national environmental law as a threat so it makes sense that there are stronger rules in place to control these pests in NSW.

“It is important that people understand foxes are not domestic animals and should not be kept as pets. While this order won’t stop them doing so, it will ensure there are stricter rules for those holding them in captivity,” he concluded.

NSW Farmers is advocating for a coordinated approach to pest control across a number of pest species and tenures. It welcomed the increased awareness of fox control issues and will continue working with the Department of Primary Industries and extension agencies to ensure a coordinated effort is made by all stakeholders on issues involving pest animal management.

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8 October 2014 

Contact: Danica Leys

Phone: 02 9478 1078

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